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How to choose your gym potholders?

Gym potholders are designed to protect the hands from unpleasant rubbing against the bar. This accessory avoids any risk of twisting and blistering and allows the athlete to practice his or her sport with complete peace of mind. To take full advantage of the benefits of gym potholders, however, it is essential that they are the right size and made of a material that really offers maximum protection to the athlete’s hands. WODANDGO presents all you need to know about choosing your gym potholders.

What type of gym potholders to choose?

To hold the equipment (bars, rings, ropes…) and avoid falling, athletes (Cross-training, WODs…) use very specific potholders. In order for them to protect the palm of the hands effectively, it is essential to choose accessories that have an excellent attachment system. At WODANDGO, all of our gym potholders feature a reinforced strap, steel buckle and Velcro closure with heavy-duty scratch. The strap of our potholders is reinforced to ensure a good attachment at the wrist.

There are several models of potholders in the world of Cross-training and WODs. Three-hole potholders and potholders without holes are among the most commonly used by athletes in these disciplines. In our store, you will discover a whole collection of gym potholders for competitions, trainings and WODs. The grips of these are among the best available on the market.

How to choose the right size of potholder?

The choice of the size of the gym potholders should not be made at random. To do this, we offer a size guide on WODANDGO that will help you know how to choose your potholders, which can range from size S to size XL on our site.

How to choose the thickness of your gym potholders?

Thickness is one of the most important criteria when choosing your gym potholders. A potholder with the right thickness offers better protection and comfort to the cross-trainer. A potholder that is too thin will provide less protection for the palm of the hand, increasing the risk of injury or blisters. Otherwise, a potholder that is too thick may create a significant extra layer that can get in the way during exercise. That’s why it is essential that the potholder is not too thick or too thin.

WODANDGO offers potholders of 2 mm, 2.1 mm, 2.9 mm and 3 mm thickness that will perfectly fit your hands. Whatever the sensitivity of the palm of your hands, you will discover in our range the potholders that will offer them optimal protection. This will allow you to perform your cross-training movements safely and have a close feeling to the bar during your exercises.

How to wear your gym potholders?

Once you have chosen your potholders, you must then wear them properly to perform your exercises. First, put the potholder around your wrist. Make sure the strap covers the wrist bone. Then extend the potholder against your outstretched hand and close it on the bar and hang yourself. Perform some typical moves like Toes-to-Bar or Chest-to-Bar (pull-ups). In the example, the potholders will tighten. For the 3-hole potholders, your fingers must remain correctly in place within the holes. For potholders without holes, the potholder must extend beyond the fingertips.

Which material to choose for your gym potholders?

The choice of potholders must also take into account the material from which they are made. This ensures that the potholders will remain strong no matter what exercise you do.

Several materials are available in the WODANDGO potholder range. This allows you to adapt the potholder to your needs and the exercises you perform. The following materials are available for the exterior of the potholder: Carbon fiber, Suede leather, Rubber. Concerning the inside of the potholders, the materials are : Kevlar, Microfiber.

These different materials are the answer to the grip you want during your gym and cross-training exercises.

At WODANDGO, we offer you suede leather potholders(MBA Leather). The advantage of this material is that in addition to being resistant, it offers an exceptional grip, among the most effective on the market. The microfiber interior is comfortable for the palm of the hand and facilitates movement. Use only on smooth and clean bar : suede leather potholders do not require the use of magnesia.

Carbon fiber is also an excellent material for cross-training potholders. Very resistant and durable, the carbon fiber potholders from WODANDGO are the right compromise for your WODs in general. They protect the hands and have an optimal grip. Thanks to its softness and great flexibility, this material offers a great deal of freedom in terms of mobility.

The potholders are made of very strong rubber and Kevlar inside. The adhesion is very strong and this model does not require magnesia.

Specially made for sportsmen, our potholders, whether in carbon fiber, rubber or suede, are tested and validated in real conditions. The inside of the grip is made of microfiber to better absorb perspiration. The Kevlar, on the other hand, wicks away perspiration very efficiently.

How to maintain your cross-training potholders?

To keep your pair of potholders for a long time, it is essential to maintain them constantly. You will then have to store your potholders in a pouch. The ideal is to dedicate a storage bag to them and to wash it regularly.

You can soap them with Marseille soap or black soap. Finally, dry your pair of cross-training potholders at room temperature.

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