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Explore the world of crosstraining with our exclusive range of essential accessories, carefully selected to enrich your training experience and accompany you in your quest for optimum performance. Each item has been designed to meet your needs, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a seasoned athlete.

Our compact, comprehensive care kit is your indispensable ally on the road to recovery. Filled with quality first-aid items, it ensures a rapid response to any muscle or joint discomfort, allowing you to stay focused on your training without compromise.

The sturdy, stylish storage bag offers a practical solution for carrying all your crosstraining equipment. Its special compartments guarantee optimal organization, while its durable design will accompany you in style, whether at the gym or on the move.

Our shaker, designed for performance, lets you prepare your energy and protein drinks in the blink of an eye. With its ergonomic design and waterproof construction, it’s the ideal accessory for staying hydrated and nourished during your most intense workouts.

Resistance bands, versatile and durable, are your muscle-building partner. Whether you want to add resistance to your exercises or work on mobility, these bands offer a complete solution for diversifying your workout routine.

Our patches, designed for recovery and localized relief, are formulated to soothe strained muscles. Their easy application offers immediate comfort, promoting optimal recovery between your demanding training sessions.

Finally, treat your loved ones to an unrivalled crosstraining experience with our gift card. Let them choose from our extensive range of quality accessories, for a gift that inspires passion for fitness and performance.

Dive into crosstraining with confidence, equipped with the best accessories that redefine the way you approach your training. A complete experience focused on performance, comfort and style.

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