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WODANDGO Gym Grips are specially designed for cross-training, gym, WOD and competitions!

They are your indispensable daily partner!

Looking for grips that will help you reach and exceed your goals?

Discover a complete range in which you will find the best grips available today.

We have designed our range of grips with the best materials available and in close collaboration with Guillaume Magnouat, the brand’s ambassador.

Discover the Blue Grip and Black Grip grips from WODANDGO, their grip is just exceptional!

MBA Leather rubber exterior and microfiber interior, soft on the palm of the hand and absorbent to perspiration, which greatly reduces the risk of blisters during long gym sessions at the barre. Their elegant design makes them an essential partner in everyday life. Forget about magnesia during your workouts!

WODANDGO’s carbon fiber grips are some of the strongest in the world. They are light and very comfortable.

Carbon fiber is lightweight and durable for repeated use. The microfiber is soft on the palm of the hand and absorbent to perspiration, which greatly reduces the risk of blisters during long gym sessions at the barre. A great classic!

Looking for grips that last? WODANDGO’s Kevlar grips are made for you!

The rubber grip provides a firm hold for weightlifting and gym movements, the Kevlar interior provides strength and allows perspiration to escape.

Tip: for a better comfort we advise you to combine our pairs of grips with our range of force cuffs or Wristbands! Good compression of the wrist, useful to avoid the friction of the grips against your skin, absorbs perspiration to keep your hands drier and avoid the risk of blisters.

Selection of materials, design, testing and validation in real conditions in the box.

Because WODANDGO is close to you!

WODANDGO the French brand đŸ‡«đŸ‡· for athletes !

Remises Owner

En tant que professionnel, vous profitez de remises exceptionnelles sur tous les produits. Pour profiter des remises, vous devez ĂȘtre connectĂ© Ă  votre compte Owner. Elles sont appliquĂ©es directement sur les produits concernĂ©s :

- 20% sur la sélection ci-dessous:

  • Les Maniques Power Grip
  • La Corde Elite
  • Les CĂąbles
  • Les GenouillĂšres 5mm
  • Les ProtĂšges Poignets haltĂ©rophilies extensibles
  • Les protĂšges poignets Elites
  • Les Tapes
  • Les Ceintures
  • Les Wristbands
  • Les Chaussettes
  • La Casquette rouge


  • La Maniques Black Grip
  • Les Maniques Carbon Grip sans trous
  • Les Bandes de RĂ©sistances
  • Les Cordes Phenix V2
  • Les GenouillĂšres 7mm
  • La Maniques Blue Grip
  • Vis ajustable corde Ă  sauter – pack de 2

- 30% sur la sélection ci-dessous:

  • La Corde First
  • Les Maniques Carbon Grip 3 trous
  • Les Maniques Gym Grip
  • La Corde perlĂ©e noire et blanche
  • Le Sac de rangement
  • Le Sac de transport respirant

- 50% sur la sélection ci-dessous:

  • La Corde Heavy Rope
  • Le Patch velcro

Owner discounts

As a professional, you benefit from exceptional discounts on all products. To take advantage of discounts, you must be logged in to your Owner account. They are automatically applied:

And -20% on textiles, with no minimum purchase required.

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Guide des tailles maniques