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Grip Packs

Grip Packs

Discover our Wodandgo sports grip packs, specially designed to accompany you in all your training sessions, whether you’re a cross-training athlete or a gymnastics fan.

Imagine several assorted sets including wristbands, rubber-, synthetic leather- and/or carbon-coated grips, and a practical carrying bag, all designed to meet your needs. Available in a range of trendy colors, wristbands not only add a stylish touch to your sporty look, they also absorb perspiration so you can stay focused on your exercises, undisturbed by moisture.

Grips, an essential element for any cross-training enthusiast, are available with different coatings to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer rubber for maximum grip, synthetic leather for a soft, natural feel, or carbon for exceptional lightness, we’ve got you covered. These high-quality grips are designed to ensure a firm grip while keeping your hands comfortable.

And because we know how important it is to have all your gear within easy reach, the carry bag included in every pack lets you easily transport your grips, wristbands and other accessories. Compact and practical, this bag is the ideal companion for your trips to the gym, whether in town or in the open air.

With Wodandgo grip packs, you choose quality and performance, with the option of customizing your grips to suit your preferences. Be ready to push your limits and reach new heights with equipment that matches your ambitions. So, what are you waiting for? Equip yourself now and get ready for an unrivalled sporting experience!

WODANDGO the French brand đŸ‡«đŸ‡· for athletes !

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En tant que professionnel, vous profitez de remises exceptionnelles sur tous les produits. Pour profiter des remises, vous devez ĂȘtre connectĂ© Ă  votre compte Owner. Elles sont appliquĂ©es directement sur les produits concernĂ©s :

- 20% sur la sélection ci-dessous:

  • Les Maniques Power Grip
  • La Corde Elite
  • Les CĂąbles
  • Les GenouillĂšres 5mm
  • Les ProtĂšges Poignets haltĂ©rophilies extensibles
  • Les protĂšges poignets Elites
  • Les Tapes
  • Les Ceintures
  • Les Wristbands
  • Les Chaussettes
  • La Casquette rouge


  • La Maniques Black Grip
  • Les Maniques Carbon Grip sans trous
  • Les Bandes de RĂ©sistances
  • Les Cordes Phenix V2
  • Les GenouillĂšres 7mm
  • La Maniques Blue Grip
  • Vis ajustable corde Ă  sauter – pack de 2

- 30% sur la sélection ci-dessous:

  • La Corde First
  • Les Maniques Carbon Grip 3 trous
  • Les Maniques Gym Grip
  • La Corde perlĂ©e noire et blanche
  • Le Sac de rangement
  • Le Sac de transport respirant

- 50% sur la sélection ci-dessous:

  • La Corde Heavy Rope
  • Le Patch velcro

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And -20% on textiles, with no minimum purchase required.