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SCR 7mm quality: the best protection for your knees during weightlifting or training sessions.
Indispensable for protecting your knees during WODS.
The ideal choice for performance-oriented athletes.

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Opt for comfort and protection with our 7 mm Wodandgo knee pads designed especially for you, the demanding athlete!

To begin with, it’s essential to note that the choice between 5 mm and 7 mm knee pads depends on your specific needs. We recommend our 7 mm WODANDGO knee pads for WODs involving heavy loads or weightlifting. They offer a higher level of stability and support. In fact, for movements requiring greater flexibility and freedom of movement, prefer our 5 mm knee pads. If you have existing knee problems or special needs for support or compression, it’s best to consult a healthcare professional or sports specialist for appropriate advice.

High-quality 7 mm Wodandgo knee pads

WODANDGO’s high-quality 7 mm high-performance sports knee pads are breathable, adjustable and elastic. What’s more, they provide complete support during your intense workouts. They are suitable for all types of exercise and are designed for your comfort.

Wodandgo sports knee pads combine the benefits of stability, compression and warmth. For added protection and improved performance.

Reach your peak performance

For movements involving heavy loads, total joint amplitude and numerous, rapid repetitions, these elements call for the use of knee pads.

Whether for squat movements (front, back, clean, snatch, thruster…) or for plyometric sessions such as box jumps, lunges, pistols, etc., we’ve got you covered. WODANDGO 7 mm knee pads are a real asset. They protect you by increasing the warmth and proprioception of your knees, while improving your performance thanks to a more elastic joint.

In short, WODANDGO Knee Pads offer optimum protection for your knees during weightlifting, WODS and weight training. They give you exceptional support and compression. While allowing you to perform a variety of exercises such as squats, box jumps, lunges and more.

Discover your physical and mental limits, improve the quality of your training and reach your peak performance, all in optimum comfort.

Finally, choose from a range of trendy colors to add a touch of cool to your performance.

Unmatched durability: Neoprene fabric holds its shape and resists wear.

Essential protection: Protect your joints, relieve knee pain.

Absolute comfort: the interior is made of high-quality SCR composite fabric. Perfectly adapted to physiological and anatomical design. Providing exceptionally stable support.

Ideal size: slightly bend your knee at 30° and measure 10 cm below your kneecap.

Easy transport and use: WODANDGO 7 mm knee pads are stored in a practical bag for easy transport on the move.

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