Stretchy weightlifting wrist guards

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WODANDGO weightlifting wrist guards provide optimum wrist support. They’re great for preventing injuries such as tendonitis, as well as relieving and reducing pain inflicted on the wrists during weight-lifting movements.

Heavy-duty Velcro closure. Ideal protection for your training sessions.

  • Composition: 50% Cotton, 40% Elastic, 10% Polyester
  • One size: 52 cm x 8 cm
  • 3D rubber embossed logo

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  • Black and pink knee pads
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WODANDGO Stretch Wristguards (sold in pairs) have been developed to provide optimum support, stability and protection for the wrist.

To begin with, they are ergonomically designed to fit the wrist joints and promote full movement during your workouts.

The closure is made via a wide and solid velcro, the part to put on the thumb is comfortable and solid.

This support band with excellent compression is the ideal choice and is perfect for beginners and advanced athletes looking for quality, protection and comfort.

The WODANDGO Stretch Weightlifting Wrist Bands (sold in pairs) have been specially designed so that you can support, stabilize and protect your wrists in the best possible way.

They have been ergonomically designed. They fit your wrist joints perfectly, so you can move without restraint during your workouts.

You close with a wide, sturdy Velcro fastener, and the part you put around your thumb is ultra-comfortable and sturdy.

This band offers incredible compression. It’s the perfect choice for you, the sportsman, whatever your level and ambitions, if you’re looking for quality, protection and comfort.

Expandable weightlifting wrist guards are a combination of quality, safety and comfort.

Perform in optimal conditions! These wrist guards are made for you!

With WODANDGO stretch wrist guards, you’re guaranteed to reach and exceed your goals while staying safe and comfortable.

This is the time when you can really express yourself during your workouts and during your mobility, weightlifting, strength and even gymnastic movements.

The material (cotton, polyester) and elasticity keep your wrists in place during exercise, without restricting your movements.

WODANDGO wristbands are specially designed to help you recover faster and reduce fatigue when doing repetitive movements.

They are great for preventing injuries such as tendonitis, as well as relieving and reducing pain.

We’re talking professional quality here!

In fact, these WODANDGO stretch weightlifting wrist guards have been tested by top athletes in real-life situations, and have been approved for their exceptional performance and durability.

What’s more, whether you’re a man or a woman, the one-size-fits-all 52 cm long by 8 cm wide design will fit you perfectly.

Super-precise, reinforced seams for super-long band life, comfortable, sturdy thumb loops and ultra-grippy Velcro fastening.

Elastic, breathable and super-protective. What more could you ask for?

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