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The Wodandgo weightlifting belt is light, thin and girly in pink, offering superior support for your workouts. Made from durable materials, it’s a safe companion for deadlifts, squats and other lifting exercises. The steel buckle and Velcro tightening strap are extremely sturdy! Available in black, khaki and pink, it combines style and performance.

The velcro strap is easy to adjust and adapt during your WODs.

Optimum protection.

Size guide in cm

Abdominal circumference measurement: XS = 56 – 68, S = 68 – 80, M = 80 – 92, L = 92 – 103, XL = 103 – 114

The weightlifting belt is positioned at the navel.

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  • Genouillères noires et roses
Total Price: 74,90 

Achieve exceptional performance!

The Wodandgo Pink Weightlifting Belt: Your Feminine Touch of Effort

If you’re a weightlifting or bodybuilding enthusiast, you know how much the choice of equipment can influence your performance. That’s why we present the Wodandgo Pink Weightlifting Belt. A must-have for all athletes determined to combine quality, style and exceptional support. This belt, with its elegant pink design, has been specially designed to help you push your limits, feel safe and excel in all your weightlifting movements.

The Support You Need

The Wodandgo belt in pink is the essential accessory for your weight training. It provides firm support for your lumbar region and abdomen, helping to prevent injury and maintain correct posture when lifting heavy loads. Its ergonomic design guarantees optimum comfort throughout your sessions, allowing you to concentrate on what’s most important: your performance.

Durability and Reliability

Wodandgo places particular emphasis on the quality of its products, and the Pink Weightlifting Belt is no exception. Made from high-quality materials, this belt is built to last. Its sturdy steel buckle and strong Velcro fastener ensure a secure hold, even during intensive movement. It won’t let you down at the wrong time, which means you can concentrate fully on your training.

Elegant Style in Pink

In addition to its exceptional performance, the Wodandgo Pink Weightlifting Belt adds a touch of femininity to your workouts. Pink is both trendy and motivating, making it a perfect choice for the style-conscious sportswoman. This belt combines comfort, performance and a touch of femininity to make you feel good during your workouts.

Versatility in Pink

Whether you’re into weightlifting, bodybuilding, strength training or any other type of movement involving heavy loads, this belt is there to support you. It’s specially designed to help you achieve your goals in complete safety. Athletes of all levels can benefit from its support and protection.

Easy maintenance

Look after your Wodandgo belt by hand-washing and air-drying. This little attention will help extend its life and maintain its performance over time.

All in all, the Wodandgo Pink Weightlifting Belt is much more than just a sports accessory. It’s an investment in your performance and safety, with a touch of femininity to boot. So put it on, push your limits and let the Wodandgo belt take you to new heights. Choose quality, choose Wodandgo.

Make the most of your performance

The ergonomic design of the WODANDGO weightlifting belt is ideally suited to carrying heavy loads.
The sturdy WODANDGO weightlifting belt provides firm, stable support for your lumbar and abdominal muscles for safe training sessions in weightlifting, training, WODs, bodybuilding and more.

The WODANDGO weightlifting belt will enable you to achieve high performance in complete safety during weight training or strength training for any type of movement involving the carrying of heavy loads.

Deadlifts, hang cleans, squats: whatever the variety of your workouts or sessions, the WODANDGO weightlifting belt will enable you to push your limits further and further, to get the most out of yourself and achieve optimum performance in complete safety.

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