Adjustable screw skipping rope – Pack of 2


Pack of 2 adjustable screws for skipping rope
Compatible with standard cable: 2.4mm
Stainless steel


In stock

Adjustability is essential for a skipping rope adapted to your size and preferences. The skipping rope with adjustable screw system lets you customize the length in no time.

These adjustable screws are compatible with standard skipping rope cables of about 2.4mm. The material used for the adjustable screws is stainless steel, for greater durability and zero rust!

Here are the simple steps for adjusting your skipping rope with a screw system. By following these instructions, you’ll be able to optimize your skipping rope for comfortable, efficient jumps.

Start by loosening the fastening system, then remove the rope from the handle. When determining the ideal length, make sure the handles reach the height of your armpits. Trim excess rope if necessary.

Insert the end of the rope into the hole on the handle, then tighten the screw system to secure it. Make a few jumps to test the length, and if necessary, repeat the adjustment steps.

By following this adjustment guide, you can get the most out of your screw-system adjustable skipping rope. Adjust it to your body size for efficient workouts and optimal fitness.


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