Heavy Rope skipping rope


Wodandgo’s Heavy Rope is your ideal partner for intense, effective workouts. It is equipped with weighted handles and removable cylinders in each of them, allowing WODs of different intensities! What’s more, it features a length-adjustable cable for customized use.

Length: 3m (adjustable)
Diameter: 5.5mm
Material: PVC-coated steel
Cable weight: 344g

Length: 17 cm
Handle weight: 478g (including cylinder)
Cylinder weight: 120g

HEAVY ROPE total weight: 1.3kg

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Ready to discover Wodandgo’s Heavy Rope, the new fitness accessory that will rock your workout?

We introduce you to this powerful training rope and reveal all its incredible features!

Wodandgo’s Heavy Rope is your ideal partner for intense, effective workouts. With a total weight of 1.3kg, this rope is designed to give you optimum resistance. Allowing you to burn calories and strengthen your muscles in record time. It is equipped with 17 cm long stainless steel handles weighing 0.478 kg each, including the 0.120 kg inner cylinder, which adds stability and durability to the product. The big plus? You can remove the cylinders from the handles to lighten your rope!

The rope’s cable is made of resistant PVC, combined with a sheathed steel wire, ensuring great strength and long life. Its adjustable 3m length and 5.5 mm inner diameter make it easy to handle, whatever your level of Cross-training experience. Heavy Rope Wodandgo crossovers are waiting for you!

Wodandgo’s weighted rope lets you explore a multitude of exercises to work your whole body.

You’ll be able to vary your movements to maintain your motivation and improve your performance.

This quality rope is designed by Wodandgo, which is committed to offering you products that live up to your expectations. With the Wodandgo Heavy Rope, you’re sure to have a safe, high-performance piece of equipment for your workouts. Wodandgo products are tested and approved by French athletes!

Add this exceptional training rope to your fitness arsenal and get ready for a training experience like no other.

Transform your workouts with the Wodandgo Heavy Rope and reach your fitness goals in a fun and effective way. Ready to take up the challenge and train like never before? Let’s go!


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