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Our partners

CrossHIIT Marazzo

The gym is equipped with top-of-the-range equipment with the aim of providing you with an ideal environment for performance.
Classes are limited to 12 people, so you’re guaranteed
adapted coaching personalized personalized follow-up to achieve your goals.

We believe that fitness is not what you look like; it is what you are capable of. Here, no mirrors, no tricks, the machine is YOU! Our coaches will be delighted to accompany you and help you progress at your own pace, in complete safety.

We have at heart to preserve values such as mutual aid, respect, solidarity, courage and surpassing oneself.These are the values that make cross training Marrazzo a place welcoming and warm place.

CrossFit Hostilius

Crossfit Hostilius is a high intensity gym based in Cabestany, in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

It has coaches in the field of high intensity sports and athletes have been able to test and approve the quality of the products you will find on this site.

Don’t hesitate to go and discover their box to meet the team!

Crossfit Illibéris

Crossfit Illibéris is a high intensity sport box based in Elne, in the department of Pyrénées-Orientales.

CrossFit Illibéris has been open since September 2018 and offers an area of more than 500 square meters dedicated to the practice of high intensity sports and weightlifting.

You can discover their establishment and meet the whole team!

CosyFit - Black Wings

CosyFit is much more than a new gym in the Perpignan area! CosyFit is above all a unique sports complex in the department which brings together in one place, on more than 2500 square meters, numerous fitness activities.

Crossfit Beaune

Far from the individualistic and narcissistic atmosphere often found in other sports clubs, high intensity sports are practiced in groups of 10 to 14 people, in rooms called “boxes”. The atmosphere is relaxed and very friendly.

CrossFit Genum

Are you from Agen or the surrounding area? Want to try high intensity sports? Don’t wait any longer, come and try a session in our high intensity sport box!

Crossfit libourne

Welcome to your high intensity sport box in Libourne.

The courses are given by professionals with a state diploma in sports and specialized in high-intensity sports. Each class is supervised for a maximum of 10 people to guarantee quality coaching. Classes are 1 hour long and change daily to help you progress and improve your physical and mental abilities. A 300 m² box dedicated to high intensity sports. A relaxation area, sanitary facilities adapted to all audiences, separate men’s and women’s changing rooms. A reception area and store where you’ll find everything you need to practice your sport Matériel de la salle: French equipment manufacturer specializing in high-intensity sports.

Crossfit Volicio

CrossFit Volició is a high intensity sport box located in Perpignan, in the Eastern Pyrenees.

Come and discover a facility entirely dedicated to your favorite sport.

CrossFit Menestys

It is in this functional space of more than 500m² that the main training sessions and individual coaching take place.

7 rowing machines, 4 Assault Bike, 1 Rig with 7 squat stations, 24 fixed bars, 6 pairs of rings, 2 rope lines, 14 Olympic bars for men, 8 Olympic bars for women and 5 initiation bars, 20 Dumbbells from 5 to 25kg and 44 Kettlebells from 8 to 32kg, 28 Med-ball from 10 to 20kg, 2 Slam Ball, 2 Sand Bag, 14 Box Jump, 1 GHD Bench, 2 flat benches, 1 pair of parallettes, 14 skipping ropes, 1 PegBoard, 6 massage rollers.

Crossfit veneris

(explanation soon)

CrossFit kratos

It is by seeking to push our limits that we see our true value. Each WOD should scare us before we even start it, otherwise it is already too easy for us. Let’s work on our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths.

In high-intensity sports as in life, we will get the results of our work, of our efforts. Nothing falls from the sky or snow, everything has a price and that’s what makes it valuable.

Crossfit imperium

(explanation soon)

CrossFit DBS83

CrossFit DBS 83 has 260m² of floor space, 25 bars, rowing machines, assault bikes, GHD RS Bells and a 17m rig.

Located between Bowling de Provence and Universal Soccer, in the premises below the Centre Libre d’Enseignement Supérieur International, we will welcome you and help you reach your goals!

Crossfit alteo

Come and join us, your trial session is free!

Whether you are a beginner, experienced, fit or injured athlete, Altéo CrossFit® is the place for you. Our team’s watchwords: friendliness, fun and work. All our members know and support each other during training. Altéo CrossFit® will help you reach your goals and be at your best. Want to get healthy? Make an appointment for your first session!

CrossFit aptavita

It is 250m² dedicated to functional training.
You will push, pull, jump, lift, run, carry, row….
The “Move” in all its dimensions.
The room is equipped with a Big Rig Pull up and rings with climbing ropes and Squat Racks, Rowers, Airbikes, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Weight Bars, Plyometric Boxes, and Medicine Balls… all the equipment necessary for Functional Training.

Crossfit altisea

+ More than 1200m² only dedicated to high intensity sports!

700m² of interior surface
500m² outdoor training area
1 athletics track of 150m
1 giant barbecue for our sunny grills

CrossFit cahors

CFC Program helps you improve your fitness. Become stronger, more powerful, more enduring, more mobile, faster. All modalities will be covered to ensure optimum progress.


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