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Knee pads

Knee pads

The WODANDGO neoprene sport protection knee pads have been specially designed to meet the requirements of high level athletes, whatever their discipline: WOD, Trainingweightlifting, bodybuilding, fitness, etc.

Non-slip, the WODANDGO neoprene sport knee pads will naturally adapt to your slightest movements, in compression as well as in tension, in order to provide you with well-being and safety during your training sessions, your WODSweightlifting, bodybuilding, etc.

WODANDGO’s high-quality neoprene sport knee pads are comfortable, breathable, elastic and adjustable, allowing you to get full support during high-intensity exercise.

The WODANDGO neoprene protective sport knee pads combine the effects of heat and compression with stability for perfect protection and optimized performance during your workoutsfor your training, WODS, weightlifting, bodybuilding, etc.

The WODANDGO sport knee pads have been tested and approved in real conditions by athletesThey guarantee high durability and performance.

With the WODANDGO neoprene sport knee pads, your knees will benefit from an optimal protection during your WODSs, weightlifting, bodybuilding, fitness and will allow a better compression during your exercises whatever the variety: squats, power cleans, box jumps, lunges, double unders, etc.

Our knee pads will allow you to push your physical and mental limits even further, improve the quality of your training and achieve maximum performance while enjoying unparalleled comfort.

The fabric of the WODANDGO sport knee pads is made of neoprene, which is extremely resistant and very difficult to deform. It has a strong covering power and effectively prevents joint dislocations, reducing accidental injuries that may occur during your training.

The WODANDGO neoprene knee pads are specially designed in 7mm for better movement, they protect your joints and relieve your knees from pain while providing high quality comfort.

The interior of the WODANDGO neoprene knee protectors is made of a composite SCR fabric, which is physiologically and anatomically designed and provides very stable support.

For easy storage and transport, the WODANDGO neoprene knee pads are stored in a small bag that you can easily take with you when you travel.

Selection of materials, design, testing and validation in real conditions in the box.

Because WODANDGO is close to you!

WODANDGO the French brand đŸ‡«đŸ‡· for athletes !

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