CarbonGrip potholders – Mustard – 3 holes

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These three-hole CarbonGrip potholders offer exceptional features to enhance your training experience, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete. The big plus of these potholders? Versatility! Use them with or without magnesia on rough bars to get the best possible grip!

Material: Carbon fiber
Thickness: 2mm
Closure: Velcro with ultra-resistant 3cm-wide Velcro fasteners and reinforced stitching for added durability.

Care: Hand-wash with black soap or Marseille soap and a soft-bristled brush, then air-dry.

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CarbonGrip Mustard Potholders WODANDGO

Specially designed for cross-training enthusiasts, with a special feature: three finger holes. These CarbonGrip 3-hole mustard potholders offer an exceptional training experience, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete.

These CarbonGrip 3-hole mustard potholders are only 2 mm thick, so you can feel the bar more directly, creating a sensation akin to bare bar. Thanks to the three finger holes, you can maintain a firm grip while reducing the pressure on your hands. This innovative design gives you greater control over the bar, which is essential for precise, powerful movements.

Velcro fastening with a highly resistant scratch is a key feature of these potholders. This sturdy closure is designed to withstand the most intense stresses. It provides a secure fit around your wrist, offering extra support for your hands during training. What’s more, the strap features reinforced stitching, guaranteeing exceptional durability, even after many sessions of use.

What really sets these CarbonGrip mustard potholders apart is their soft-touch texture.

Unlike some rough potholders that can irritate the skin, these are designed for exceptional comfort. The soft surface minimizes friction on your skin while maintaining excellent grip on the bar. So you can concentrate fully on your movements without being distracted by the discomfort of your hands.

Like their predecessors, these potholders are also versatile. You can use them with or without magnesia on rough bars. If you prefer a dry grip and use magnesia, these potholders are compatible with that option. They are designed to resist abrasion from magnesia, prolonging their service life. However, even without magnesia, they offer exceptional grip thanks to their carbon fiber surface.

In conclusion, WODANDGO carbon fiber gymnastic potholders with three finger holes are the ultimate accessory for working on your grip with comfort in the demanding world of cross-training. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, these potholders will enhance your training experience by providing a secure grip, optimal comfort and exceptional durability. So don’t wait any longer, add these CarbonGrip 3-hole mustard potholders to your training gear and feel the difference as soon as your next session. Your hands will thank you.

Extreme grip

GymDEFEU WODANDGO potholders offer the best grip. Specially designed for training and WOD, WODANDGO grips mould to the shape of your hands for extreme performance.

2mm thick, DEFEU WODANDGO Gym Potholders feature high-strength Velcro fastening, reinforced seams and steel buckle.

Thanks to their carbon fiber exterior, DEFEU WODANDGO Gym Potholders have exceptional grip. The microfiber interior ensures softness, perspiration absorption and excellent comfort. DEFEU Gym potholders are fully waterproof and breathable.

The WODANDGO DEFEU Gym Potholders will also keep your wrist stable without restricting its mobility.

With DEFEU WODANDGO Gym Potholders, say goodbye to blisters and tears.

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