Powergrip Yellow 2.0 pack

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This exceptional Powergrip Jaune 2.0 pack includes a pair of Powergrip Jaunes, a pair of 14 cm wristbands, a breathable carrying bag and, new, a care kit!

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Discover our yellow 2.0 powergrip pack, designed to give you exceptional grip and optimum protection during your intensive workouts!

Our exclusive set includes WODANDGO’s Powergrip, renowned for their exceptional grip, and a complete care kit to look after your hands. For the purchase of a yellow Powergrip 2.0 pack, all carefully packaged.

Powergrip are the key to preventing your grip from slipping during the most demanding exercises. Their textured rubber surface and 2 mm thickness guarantee unrivalled grip, enabling you to achieve top-level performance. The non-slip texture of the rubber ensures a firm grip on the traction bars, reducing the risk of slipping and accidents, and guaranteeing your safety during every workout.

Beyond their exceptional grip, Powergrip offer maximum protection for your hands thanks to their micro-fiber interior. When you perform repetitive movements, your hands are under a lot of pressure, but these grips act as a protective barrier, minimizing the risk of calluses, blisters and other common injuries.

Durability is a key feature of WODANDGO‘s Powergrip. Made from high-quality materials, they are designed to withstand intensive use, and a layer of Kevlar hides between the rubber and micro-fiber, guaranteeing strength and longevity.

To complete this exclusive package, we also offer you a complete care kit. Imagine a kit equipped with a small chisel, ready to cut through any obstacles that might prevent you from performing. With 10 dedicated blister dressings, you can say goodbye to the pain that hinders your progress. Whether you’re in the middle of a muscle-up or making pullovers, these bandages will be your indispensable allies. No need to pause your session because of a little pain. These little marvels are like superheroes ready to defend your hands against annoying blisters.

But that’s not all! We’ve thought of everything, with 5 packs of 2 compresses, ideal for soothing and protecting. You can concentrate on your training with peace of mind.

And of course, our kit also includes 5 normal bandages, because even warriors sometimes need a little comfort. Whether it’s a small cut or a scratch, these dressings are there for you, ready to heal quickly and get you back in action.

In conclusion, our yellow Powergrip 2.0 pack with Powergrip and care kit is the ideal gift for any cross-training enthusiast or serious athlete. Improve your performance, protect your hands and enjoy your workouts with confidence. Don’t let slips and injuries hold you back in your sporting progress. Opt for this exclusive pack and make WODs an unforgettable part of your workout. performance be with you!


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