Wrist guards

Wrist guards

The WODANDGO wrist guards are designed to provide support, stability and optimal protection for the wrists.

Ergonomically designed, they hug the wrist joints to promote full movement during your workouts, no matter how intense they are.

The closure is made of Velcro which is a wide and solid scratch. This allows for a comfortable and sturdy slip-on thumb section.

This support band provides excellent compression, making it the ideal choice for all types of athletes, whether they are beginners or advanced.

WODANDGO wrist guards are the perfect product for any athlete who is looking for quality and comfort, but above all protection.

This product will give you optimal performance in the best possible conditions.

WODANDGO wrist guards offer you optimal comfort and safety. They are the best guarantee to exceed your goals but also to reach them.

They will allow you to express yourself during your workouts as well as during your mobility exercises, your weightlifting exercises but also during your strength exercises and your gymnastic movements.

The material and the elasticity will allow you to have a maximum support of your wrists during the exercises without limiting the movements which you will be doing.

WODANDGO wrist guards are designed to help you recover and also limit fatigue during your repetitive movements.

WODANDGO wrist guards are excellent for preventing injuries such as tendonitis. They reduce and relieve pain.

WODANDGO wrist guards are professional quality and have been tested and approved in real life conditions by high intensity athletes for their high performance and durability.

The WODANDGO wrist guards have a unique size: 50 cm x 8 cm. They are made of ultra-stretchy and resistant cotton and neoprene. They also feature precision stitching and long lasting seams. The thumb loops are reinforced and the velcro closure is very resistant.

In addition, this product is elastic, breathable and protective.

The WODANDGO wrist guards are stored in a small bag for easy storage and carrying around on the go.

Selection of materials, design, testing and validation in real conditions in the box.

Because WODANDGO is close to you!

WODANDGO the French brand đŸ‡«đŸ‡· for athletes !

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