Camo 1 headband


WODANDGO headbands made in France by PHIDI Camo color.

Wodandgo x PHIDI headbands are thermo-regulating, anti-uv, and lightweight!

Maintain your style and comfort during wods.

Made in France, and eco-responsible!

87% recycled polyester – 13% elastane

One size fits all

In stock

The CAMO 1 headband has become an essential accessory for Cross Training enthusiasts and athletes alike.

As well as keeping hair in place during workouts, this CAMO 1 headband offers style and comfort.

One of the main benefits of Wodandgo’s CAMO 1 headband is its ability to hold hair in place during exercise. Thanks to non-slip materials and a special design. This sports headband stays in position, preventing hair from falling onto the face and obstructing vision. This sports headband guarantees a secure, reliable fit.

When you train, it’s essential to feel comfortable. The WODANDGO hairband is designed with lightweight, breathable fabrics that wick away moisture and perspiration. It is gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation or discomfort. What’s more, its design and fit, perfectly adapted to the head, provide a sensation of lightness and freedom of movement, allowing you to concentrate fully on your training session or competition.

At Wodandgo, we understand the importance of style in your sporting activities. That’s why we offer a range of sports headbands in a variety of designs, trendy patterns and bright colors. Whether you’re looking for a sober look or prefer bold patterns, we’ve got the perfect headband to complement your sportswear. Express your personal style while staying on trend.

Our sports hairbands are made by PHIDI from eco-friendly materials such as recycled bottles!

What’s more, the WODANDGO x PHIDI sports hairband is thermoregulating and UV-resistant! Designed to withstand intensive use, it retains its shape even after repeated washing. Of course, they’re easy to maintain. Simply hand wash or machine wash at low temperature.


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