Resistance bands

Resistance bands

Discover our ISO9001 certified elastic bands made of latex 100% natural !

With strong durability and relentless elasticity, WODANDGO elastic bands are made for you, whatever your level! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced, they are perfect for your warm-up and stretching!

With four levels of resistance, adapt your level of strength and exercise during your workouts. Improve your performance with the four levels of resistance of WODANDGO elastic bands. Progress and enjoy the results you get with these four levels of elasticity.

Shape your body, build strength and muscle while working on resistance, speed, balance, strength and endurance.

This product will help you improve your stretching and recovery, tone up and increase your strength during your exercises.

WODANDGO elastic bands are the ideal equipment for complete workouts.

Train at home, at the office, at the gym, on vacation and while traveling with the WODANDGO storage bag provided with the purchase of a WODANDGO elastic band.

Our light and medium weight WODANDGO bands are ideal for the beginner athlete, while our heavy and extra heavy bands are designed for more intermediate and advanced strength training for the experienced athlete.

Stretch and warm up your muscles before and after your high intensity sports exercises, mobility work, supported pull-ups, bench press, weight lifting, gym, yoga, Pilate, fitness, rehabilitation and other exercises.

How to measure the size you need? To measure the ideal size, bend your leg slightly and measure the circumference of your calf 10 cm below your kneecap.

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