Pack of Carbon Gym Potholders without Holes & Pink Wristbands


Wodandgo’s thin compression Wrisbands are a must-have accessory to add to your potholders for total protection. Not only are they stylish and slim, but they are also soft and comfortable, fitting perfectly around your wrist. In addition to absorbing perspiration, they protect you from friction caused by your potholders.

Their elasticity allows perfect adaptability at all times and is suitable for all athletes. The 8 cm size is perfect for a comfortable fit. Wristbands are perfect for keeping sweat from interfering with your performance during even the most extreme WODs!

The DEFEU Gym Potholders are made of high quality carbon fiber and are among the most resistant in the world. They offer exceptional comfort, flexibility and lightness. With a thickness of 2mm, they provide a feeling close to the bar and their carbon fiber exterior and microfiber interior perfectly absorb perspiration.

The DEFEU Gym Potholders feature a velcro closure with a highly resistant scratch, as well as a strap with reinforced stitching for added durability. They are soft to the touch, flexible and breathable for optimal comfort during your most intense workouts.

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Pair your WODANDGO potholders with the thin pink compression Wristbands for a high quality workout!

These Wristbands are stylish, comfortable, thin, flexible and effective at all times. They fit perfectly on your wrist, absorb perspiration and protect you from rubbing your potholders. With their perfect elasticity, these Wristbands are suitable for all athletes, whether they are beginners, intermediate or advanced.

Wristbands, with a size of 8 cm, are the perfect design to wear on your wrists. They help prevent sweat from interfering with your performance, even at the most extreme! In addition, these Wristbands are sold in pairs, have a high resistance to wear, are machine washable and are composed of 78% Nylon, 12% Elastane and 10% latex elastic.

For optimal protection of the palm of your hands, WODANDGO Carbon Grip potholders made of high quality carbon fiber are the best performing potholders for your WOD, weightlifting or gymnastics. They combine flexibility, lightness and exceptional grip.

These potholders are specially developed for athletes and high-intensity sports, for optimal performance and absolute protection. They are suitable for all levels of athletes, from beginners to experts, to meet any challenge and achieve exceptional performance.

The WODANDGO Carbon Grip potholders are 2 mm thick and have a Velcro closure with a highly resistant scratch and a strap with reinforced stitching. They are very soft thanks to their microfiber interior for a better absorption of perspiration and are breathable for an optimal comfort. They are specially designed for pull-ups, chest-to-bar, power cleans, deadlifts, high bar, barbell lifts, KettleBells, Pullups, rope climbs, deadlifts, weightlifting or gymnastics exercises, training and WOD.

These WODANDGO Carbon Grip potholders have a long life due to their high strength, ergonomics and high quality. Plus, the logo on the 3D rubber strap adds to the high-end finish. With these WODANDGO Carbon Grip potholders, say goodbye to calluses, blisters and tears!


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